Monday, 5 December 2011

Incredible Photos Throughout the History

Here is, in my opinion, few of the strongest photos throughout the history.

Fidel and Che

Japanese battleship during WWII

Housemaids during Cuban missile crisis

Adolf Hitler

Beatles, before they were popular

Black surgeons attending a injured KKK member 

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

Construction site of Christ the Redeemer

D-Day, Normandy

Elvis Presley being drafted into the army

Fall of the Berlin wall

Landmine spotting dog and a following tank

Soldiers waiting for the nuclear bomb's cloud to disappear

Nuns on their smoke break

Soldiers during lunch time

American soldier at Vietnam

Project Manhattan 

Papa Pio XII and Hitler

KKK meeting

Milk delivery after the Blitzkrieg

The Third Riech

Riot Police during 60's

The Titanic

Operation Barbarossa